Dry Skin Regeneration – Heel Balm /Ointment with natural oils


Dry skin ointment is an original AArkada product, based on natural oils. It helps fight fungal infections and provides a balanced moisturizing of the skin. Quick absorption, leaves no oily layer on the skin. It is very effective, with obvious improvement right from the commencement of usage. Ideal for daily skin care, helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Great to use after sports, swimming pool or sauna. Special recipe suitable for every skin type.


vaseline – moisturizes, protects
lanolin – lubricates, smoothens
almond oil – soothes and moisturizes
collagen – grants elasticity and suppleness, regenerates skin
tea tree oil – helps fight bacteria and fungi
oregano oil – antiseptic, antifungal, restorative



Dry Skin Regeneration – Ointment with natural oils


The ointment was created for treatment of damaged, cracked and dry skin. It regenerates, soothes and nourishes the skin, restoring proper oiliness. Especially recommended for feet, hands, elbows and knees.


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